This kid is on to something…
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I don’t know about you but if I saw this truck…I would GTFO of town
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Congratulations to Ashley Nicole for winning the Caption Contest
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DotA 2


God of War: Ascension multiplayer combat trailer 
Sony has released a new multiplayer combat video for God of War: Ascension at Gamescom this week.
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This is worth the neck pain that will follow
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The Two Up, Denver | jbrazito
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The Expendables Video Game Edition by Vernon Villanueva
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lol do you see rojas’s assistant

he’s like

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Check out Neo Geo X. Might have to pick this up in the very near future
Uncrate has more details:
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Caption Contest time! Click on the photo (it will take you to our FB page) and comment on the image for a chance to win a prize!
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Love this photo
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