Solid Snake … Who’s next ?!by ~Hristov13
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25 Best Video Game character Look-A-Likes

These comparison are spot on! There’s Mike Tyson, Bruce Lee and Andre the Giant to name a few…

Oh Behave…
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Friends don’t download when friends are playing online
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We think FemShep is sexier than Kim Kardashian…Agree or Disagree?
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The longer we have to wait for a game, the worse it usually is.
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The Infinity Block
Created & submitted by DirtyGreatPixels
Available for £20.00 GBP ($32.29USD) @Etsy
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Beat’Em Up (AKA: Fist of Fei Long)
One of the pieces by Aled Lewis that will be on display beginning Friday, August 3 for the latest show over at Iam8bit Gallery, COMBO ATTACK: 25 Years of Street Fighter.
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Black ops 2 Pencil Drawingby ~Keshavsart
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octoberain on We Heart It.
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MW 2 Ghost Inkedby ~DraculasHeart
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Asia Games Channel 2011 Photoshoot 23rd January by ~Hangmen13
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